Brickyard Instructors and Pros That Use Our Facility:

Our instructors are focused helping players improve their game-day performance.  Hitting, Pitching and Catching… Our instructors can improve a players game!  We truly believe that baseball is a sport nearly all players can enjoy and excel.   We focus on providing sound instruction, repetition, and lessons on mechanics and timing as well as provide the important advantage of confidence to improved the mental aspects of the game.   “Baseball is 90mental, the other half is physical.”   Yogi Berra

TEAM Brickyard!

Chris Liosi - Owner - Hitting, Baseball & Softball 10+ yrs old

Jeff Sharpe - Pitching & Hitting Baseball 9+ yrs old

Erika Anders - Hitting & Pitching Softball 6-18 yrs old. Baseball Hitting 5-9 yrs old.

Jake Lemke - Baseball Pitching 8-14 yrs old. Baseball Hitting 5-10 yrs old.