Hitting, Catching, and Pitching Lessons

Individual Instruction at the Brickyard Cages

Hitting Lessons can greatly improve a players experience with Little League and Youth Baseball/Softball.  Private lessons are best utilized to form the foundation of a proper swing mechanics and/or pitching mechanics. Hitting a round ball with a round bat is not an easy proposition.  Player that get proper instruction will do better on game-day and their baseball carriers will last longer!

Lessons and other forms of instruction are the key to advancing to the next level of play and playing like an all-star.

What We Teach:

Proper mechanics for a high quality swing (swing improvements designed to increase consistency, balance, and strength)

Repetition of a high quality swing (Muscle memory is gained through consistent repetition)

Players are taught proper timing – from addressing the plate in a relaxed manner to load timing and extension to the ball.

Repetition of hitting baseballs on a T, Front toss, back toss, and with live pitching

Confidence and strategies to master the mental game to include pitch counts and game situations.

Lessons and Lesson Packages move your player to the Next Level

TEAM Brickyard!

Chris Liosi - Owner - Hitting, Baseball & Softball 10+ yrs old

Jeff Sharpe - Pitching & Hitting Baseball 9+ yrs old

Erika Anders - Hitting & Pitching Softball 6-18 yrs old. Baseball Hitting 5-9 yrs old.

Jake Lemke - Baseball Pitching 8-14 yrs old. Baseball Hitting 5-10 yrs old.

Private Lesson Rates

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***All lessons are available for members only***
Must have current valid membership to pre-pay & book out weekly lessons

First time lessons may do an introductory lesson (pre-paid) before committing to an annual membership.

1 Annual Membership is good for the whole family and gives you discounts on Cage Time, Camps & Birthdays for the whole year.

Single lesson: $54
Each private lesson is 30 minutes with one of our professional instructors

Cancellation Policy: Lessons cancelled 24+ hours in advance will be credited to the member's account to be used on another date.
Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours will only be refunded if the lesson or cage can be rescheduled with another customer in the limited time given.